Love + Money is
Always Beta™

Creating Creative Companies.

Brand, Technology, and Capitalism.

Love and Money was founded on the optimistic belief that great ideas can change the world, and the pragmatic realisation that most of them don’t. We’ve learned creativity isn’t just about having great ideas in theory: it’s about understanding the theory behind how ideas work; how to leverage technology to make sure those ideas can be used in the real world; and how to analyse which ideas are beneficial, and which are just a cost. We’ve also learned that people don’t really read body copy on websites, so here’s a hypereel instead.

Agency. ToolKit. +Ventures.

Three teams working together.

Like everything on the Internet, our business has evolved over the past 12 years. What started as a digital branding agency is always evolving. Our Agency creates Memetic Brands™ that change the way companies and consumers behave. ToolKit translates brand systems into usable, digital tools that can be plugged in to today’s digital business tech stack. And our +Venture Partners apply our processes to a portfolio of our own businesses, so we know what we’re selling works. We’ll continue to learn and evolve. Beta today, better tomorrow.

Latest Work: Always in Progress

ToolKit™ Beta Program

Your brand. Now ready for Internet.


Otto Motors

Make Work Flow.


Create Today. Shape Tomorrow.


Make Awesome Make Awesome.


Agility Enables Resilience.


Face Whatever



Don't Just Trade. Altr.



Real Life Magic.

Brands are Memes.

Sounds stupid; actually science.

Our Memetic Brand Framework™ uses an iteration of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to create brands that change human behaviour and spread within a (mostly digital) environment. See the talks we’ve given at Figma’s Config and Brand New Conference, and learn more about how ideas *actually* change the world.

Introducing ToolKit™

Your brand. Now ready to use.

We all know great brands are built on great ideas. But ideas aren’t the hard part. Execution is. Toolkit uses digital Best Practise™ to turn your brand into a series of usable digital components. House your entire brand from strategy to assets to templates in a single, searchable, sharable place, and never ask yourself “where’s my logo again?” ever again.

ToolKit’s™ Atomic Brand System




Dark Teal






Dark Green


Bright Yellow






Valet brand illustration 1Valet brand illustration 2Valet brand illustration 3

Clients + Collaborators.

Long-term partners.

We work with clients who know the world is changing, and see it as an opportunity. We work with innovators who are willing to fail in the short term in order to succeed in the long term. We work with long-term partners who see brand building as an ongoing project. And we work with people who we trust, respect, and would want to have a beer with. Because life’s too short to do shit work for dickheads.



CMC Markets

OTTO Motors


Karst Stone Paper







Two ways to engage.

Long term, or long-term.

Our agency works in two modes: 12 month engagements, or 5 week sprints. We amortise our budget over the duration of each project to keep our incentives aligned and our hours flexible. Because when you’re creating something new, nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

We don’t work for anyone.

But we do pitch for free.

We see a creative pitch as cost of acquisition, and a great way to understand whether or not we’ll work well together. But there’s a catch: or, more specifically, a waitlist. If you want to skip the queue, we’re always open to once-in-a-lifetime partnerships, because we want to work with the best clients in the world. And also rush rates, because capitalism.